July 9, 2014

David Ostrowski

ArtTactic Artist Analysis

In June I was invited to publish an analysis of David Ostrowski’s art market for ArtTactic, the London-based art market analysis firm. The opportunity arose based on my ranking in their auction prediction game ArtTactic Forecaster–I’m proud to say that I’ve consistently scored within the top ranking of players since last fall. (Quite a feat, considering how abysmally I’ve predicted contemporary sculpture results or the number times I’ve forgotten to play.)

Ostrowski’s market proved interesting to research, especially given the rapid rise of his auction prices in the past few months. My report combined research on his artistic career and auction market with his overall place within the contemporary art “ecosystem” of galleries, museums, and curators. Given that the 33-year old German artist has sometimes been lumped together with “flipper favourites” like Oscar Murillo and Lucien Smith in the mainstream press, my task was to keep digging deeper, paging through interviews, web galleries, Instagram hashtags, and even the most insignificant of news clippings. My final report included his market trends and an overall market outlook.


F (Gee Vaucher), 2012

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Forecaster Object Analysis

I also wrote an object analysis of Ostrowski’s 2012 painting from his F series (fehlermalerei, or “failure painting” in German), entitled F (Gee Vaucher), and estimated that the work would fetch a bullish £150,000 to £200,000. The painting ultimately sold for £170,500 premium (£140,000 hammer). Although it’s not as comprehensive as the full artist report, you can get a sense of the direction of Ostrowski’s secondary market.

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About Ostrowski

Born in Cologne in 1981, David Ostrowski studied painting from 2004-2009 at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under the tutelage of Albert Oehlen. He is a founding member of the 1981er art collective, formed by students of his 2009 graduating class in Düsseldorf. Ostrowski’s novel approach to painting, which celebrates and encourages the artist’s own accidents and failures, has seen growing international recognition in the past two years. His F series of “mistake paintings” (fehlermalerei) layers materials like dirt, dust, and spray paint into delicately balanced compositions. Ostrowski often cites pop culture, most notably the American sitcom Seinfeld, as inspiration to his artistic approach, which draws inspiration from “nothing.”