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02 Nov '08

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19 Oct '08

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Petersburg the Great

Apologies for the lack of posts. Everything seems to be moving at whirlwind-pace, leaving little time for reflection. While my academic schedule here isn’t that busy, day-to-day living is mentally intense (in the best way possible). It seems hard to … Read More

08 Sep '08

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Sprained on the First Day

Well, Amsterdam and Paris went off without so much as hitch, but due to some family curse, I sprained my ankle my first day in St. Petersburg. Unlike my mother when she sprained her ankle in Petersburg, I cried like … Read More

21 Apr '08

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Packing for Russia

Hello to all. Although I’m not even close to arriving in Petersburg (or getting all of the paperwork together), I thought I’d make my first post now; that is, to collect myself before I’m immersed in summer plans or the … Read More