Art Market

09 Jul '14

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David Ostrowski

ArtTactic Artist Analysis

In June I was invited to publish an analysis of David Ostrowski’s art market for ArtTactic, the London-based art market analysis firm. The opportunity arose based on my ranking in their auction prediction game ArtTactic Forecaster–I’m proud to … Read More

01 Apr '14

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Trolling Amazon Art

While browsing through online art platforms for a work project, I finally took a look at Amazon’s widely-discussed and often-mocked foray into the online art market, Amazon Art. The concept had been swirling around ever since the early noughties, when Sotheby’s … Read More

28 Oct '13

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A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to visit Chatsworth House for Sotheby’s annual selling exhibition “Beyond Limits”, which featured modern and contemporary sculpture, some of which was  commissioned just for the sale. The weather was crummy and … Read More