Smarty Pants Game

High School for the Performing & Visual Arts

I designed “Smarty Pants” for my sophomore art history students at HSPVA in Houston, TX. The students divided into competing “galleries” curating competing exhibitions. Whichever team collected six works from the same art movement first won the game. The game incorporated art trivia, terminology, movements, and artworks covered in class.


Wild Cards: The outcome of the Wild Cards was often tied to each team’s intern. Some examples:  “The intern is able to track down a missing part for the new espresso machine due to her knowledge of Italian learned during her year abroad. Move forward 3 spaces.” and “The intern tries to save money on shipping a work abroad. The art is lost. Lose 1 artwork to the competition.” Artworks could also be traded or swiped by another team depending on the outcome of a Wild Card.

Forgery Cards: If a team incorrectly guessed a “forgery” from one of the Forgery Cards they lost a turn and had to return an artwork to the main pile.


Smarty Pants Game

“Smarty Pants” in the Classroom